olw| colors of august …

..already, signs of meteorological autumn/fall are beginning to display in the trees and of course the flowers in my and neighbors’ yards – my crazy azalea is blooming yet again.  Black-eyed Susans, mums, add their  pop of color to the landscape.  This morning I saw a yellow school bus making its way to or from a school – yes! Kids in DC started school yesterday.  (Chris, my 7 years’ old great grand nephew, starts Tuesday – he lives in MD- and will also be going to school, virtually, yet again. I noticed Sunday – on a Target  run – all the children were  wearing colorful masks.) 

Yesterday’s mail brought a colorful collection of scrapbook papers, an order from The Paper Curator (how could I resist?) and an acrylic stamp set, depicted by the colorful geometric shapes on the left side of the picture. (The stamps are made by Ali Edwards and Laura Wonsik; more info here ). The colorful pencils I picked up from Barnes and Noble and the mini composition books from Walgreens – I couldn’t resist. Occasionally I use a composition book for a specific project’s notes. I am still making colorful Confetti Quilt blocks…and tho’ I’ve yet to master the  process of foundation paper piecing, I do like the final result. I’ve decided to make my final quilt a wall hanging – approx 24” x 36 .“ Which means perhaps  I’m half-way there? I plan to share a progress photo before the week’s end.

We’re slated for fallout from Hurricane Ida; slowly yet surely the sky is turning from blue to grey as the rain clouds start to move in.  At least it will be cooler and that’s always welcomed! 

Joining Carolyn and others for another look at our 2021 One Little Words. 

See you in September!


14 thoughts on “olw| colors of august …

  1. I love the perspective of your OLW updates, Honoré. As someone always looking for the blank space in my world (much in the same way I’m always looking for quiet), seeing variety from your perspective is rich…joyful…and it tunes me in to detail. The children’s colorful masks! I don’t think I’d have even noticed that!
    Wishing you ease as the rain comes through. May it be just enough to water your gardens, cool things off…then move on.


  2. Oh I had to go to each specia1 site. The menta1 hea1th stamps were so cute. I bought myself a new writing pen. Big dea1? We11, to me it is. It is a space pen so it wi11 write in any position!


  3. Seeing all this color is bringing the biggest smile to my face! I think I will never be able to resist the allure of school supplies (especially in a rainbow of colors), and it’s good to know that I am not alone in that!

    We have the remnants of Ida today — it’s coming your way, so get your umbrella ready!


  4. I love all the bright colors in your photo! August here has been a little dull as the garden is winding down and we’ve had a lot of rain, so plenty of gray skies. I am so looking forward to fall weather and fall colors!


  5. I so enjoyed the peek into your confetti quilt progress on Sunday, and love the color energy emanating from this post! (so sorry Chris will be virtual again this year – I sure wish we could just get this virus under control)


  6. That’s a bright and happy collection – the ‘soft-hued’ pencils feel just right as autumn arrives. Hoping you had enough rain to be glad of it but not so much you felt dragged down by it. We don’t have ‘composition books’ here so I am going to google – I do love how much I learn popping in to see you :). Looking forward to seeing your quilt, because they are always lovely.


  7. What a fabulous collection—love the colors and the contents! I took Caleb to buy his school supplies while they were here; buying paper goodies is one of my favorite things!


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