this tree|11.25.21…

this tree, Thanksgiving 2021

Nearly 36 years ago I moved into my house; several years thereafter, I fell in love with the Japanese Maple tree and promptly had one planted. Over the years, I have watched the tree grow and change colors as the seasons evolved: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I have delighted in watching the leaves change on the trees – but none more so than this year.

This year, this autumn, as best I can recollect, the Japanese Maple – this tree – shines and glows in all its glory! Its color is absolutely stunning! A feast for the eyes, even on a grey day.

It has been chilly all week: mornings, I sit with a woven shawl thrown around my shoulders and on my walks, accompanied by hats, gloves. My glasses are easily fogged by my mask – I always wear when out in the world, despite being fully vaccinated. The mask reassures me and I trust, others too.

In the wee small hours of this very chilly – 38 degrees – Thanksgiving morn, I am especially grateful for this tree and this day. May your days, especially this Thanksgiving, be filled with good health, good food, the companionship of loved ones, both near and far … and a this tree.


8 thoughts on “this tree|11.25.21…

  1. Your tree is truly lovely. Our “this tree” is two large oaks that stand near our house. I’ve worried about them crashing into the house on several occasions, but for the most part, they feel protective to me. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy your tree in good health.


  2. Thank you for, I hope, giving me a preview of what my newly planted Japanese maple will look like in years to come.

    I wish you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving filled with good food and good company.


  3. We inherited one when we moved into our house 36 years ago. (Another coincidence!) It’s always lovely, but I also think it has been particularly beautiful this year!


  4. What a lovely post – and I only wish my “this tree” was a photogenic … maybe I need to find one that really shows off in all the seasons instead of merely marking them 😉


  5. It is indeed beautiful … and your writing is so atmospheric. Saying thank-you for all the gifts of inspiration and friendship you have given me over the years :).


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