simply a moment | 11.15. 21…

Normally on the 15th of the month, I aim to document and share a moment from the day. It occurred to me today that only on the 15th of November can I share the day’s moment/s at the time closest to when I was born: circa 7:42 pm.

Today is/was my birthday; I’ve had many trips around the sun and looking forward to many more. The story goes that when I was born, my father had not left the hospital more than ten minutes, out to get a burger, thinking that it’d yet be a while before I made my grand entrance. Hah! Fooled him!

I had a grand day filled with well wishes and my favorite eats: pizza (this time Panera’s flatbread), salad and of course, Prosecco… all topped off with a couple pieces of delicious lemon ( my fave flavor) cookies. I am filled not only with good food but more importantly, the well wishes of Family and Friends, far and near.

Before I leave, enjoy this photo from today: this Japanese Maple, probably close to 34 years old, is exceptionally beautiful this year. Sorry, the goodies are all gone…they were indeed delish.


10 thoughts on “simply a moment | 11.15. 21…

  1. Happy Birtheday Honore’! My Mom and sister have November birthdays. It is indeed a good birthday month. I’m happy that you had such a nice day. Love the mug and the sweatshirt.


  2. Love the photo of you, and the message on the mug and sweatshirt are wonderful! Glad I sent you an email since I am two days late in reading the blog! Glad you had a fine day!


  3. You are such an inspiration! I hope the wonderful birthday vibes are carrying you into the weekend … because of course it’s way to many days to think there still might be leftover pizza 😉


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