one little word | 11.30.21…

This morning, about 8:45 am, we had a very light dusting of S-N-O-W! Or maybe a combination of sleet. T’was exciting and interesting, considering the season we’re entering once the clock rolls over at midnight. Of course, the snow/sleet melted just as it hit the deck, ground…

On my walk earlier this afternoon, I was struck by the colors of this autumn day. Mother Nature has done a magnificent job of commemorating my 2021 word: color, this season. Plus, the addition of several holiday-themed yard decor adds to the ambience. Tomorrow we embark on the Christmas holiday season; ‘t’will be interesting to see how the season’s colors are revealed.

Joining Carolyn and friends for November’s One Word roundup.


11 thoughts on “one little word | 11.30.21…

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about my OLW. As is often the case, as the year progresses, I have spent less and less time letting it guide my way. But that won’t keep me from choosing a new word for the new year. In fact, I found the word this summer in a gift shop! 🙂 More to come . . .


  2. Your photos are so lovely. Once someone told me that when in doubt about choosing colors for decorating, one should look for combinations that occur in the natural world. Mother Nature is a feast for our eyes for sure.


  3. November is one of my favorite months for color. There’s something about the light, and the backdrop of the gray-blue skies… It’s been so joyful seeing your monthly updates here!


  4. What a beautiful walk! (and I’m glad that frozen stuff didn’t stick around – it’s way too early for it!) I noted in my journal earlier this week that the fall colors have been spectacular. So glad you’ve had so much COLOR, too!


  5. I am finally caught up on my blog reading and your autumn photos are spectacular. Wishing you all the best during this holiday season


  6. This has been such a glorious word for you this year, and your sharing of it in your life has enriched ours too. Your photos make me smile – I especially love the yellows at this time of year.


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