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Christmas Cactus ~ a gift

In just 3 days, a new year is about to be ushered in, give or take a few minutes or so. last year, we had such hopes that the virus would be gone and we would all magically return to life as it was…little did we know. events – both health and political – have yet again, made 2021 an unprecedented year – which is probably an understatement.

As I prepared to “pen ” this post on my 2021 one little word: color, I looked over my entries and was buoyed by the colors ~ gifts from Mother Nature ~ of the trees, flowers, sky and some human-created things, too. As I move through my house, I see all the colors that bring me comfort and joy, noting that the walls on the first floor need a fresh coat of paint – it’s been a few years – and thinking how long color had been a very integral part of my life with one, yellow, always the piece de resistance.

I end this year’s one little word journey so very thankful for the colors that have provided me comfort and solace during this year, 2021. I plan to share my 2022 word next week Monday, January 4, 2022!

Have a joyous end to 2021 and may 2022 be our best year, ever! Joining Carolyn and friends here.


12 thoughts on “one little word|12.28.21…

  1. Wow, i love the color of your cactus! I replanted mine mid bloom and may have startled it, no flowers now.
    I’ve so enjoyed your word this year….and I hope a little colorFULL gift arrives for you soon! ❤
    PS I think I found my word for 2022…. can't wait till you share yours, my lips are sealed! Big vugs, L.


  2. What a stunning cactus — truly a lovely gift!

    I have really enjoyed your Color posts this year and the reminders to enjoy all the beauty that the natural world provides. There really is no artist like Mother Nature.


  3. Your photos of the color in your world made me happy. The Christmas Cactus is so pretty – one more example of how color brings much-needed joy to our world.


  4. So glad that colour is still playing a part in your life now and thank-you for all the wonderful bursts of colour inspiration in 2021!


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