tgif | 12.31.2021

T- Turns out it’s been a lovely afternoon. I took a quick trip to the grocery store and while the parking lot was busy, busy, busy, checkout lines were moving with considerable speed. Home and once I’d “washed” the groceries, I decided, since the day was sunny, not too cold and the absolutely last day of this incredibly horrible year, I’d take a photo walk. I started out on my usual path to and through the park but decided to take a different route out. A half block later, I came across this incredible display of inflatable Christmas decor. Amazing!

G – My next photo was of a barren tree against the blue and white clouded sky – reminiscent of the needlepoint I’m stitching and a reminder of a similar painting I made when I was 16. I don’t have the painting but I often think of it, especially when I see a barren tree against the sky. I think I should just reproduce the painting. Yes! It belongs on my “22 for 22” List, created by Gretchen Rubin, available here as a free download …

I – absolutely love this photo of Chris (7 years) and Elias ( 4 years) playing with a new Christmas gift from their grandfather. I think Chris is explaining to Elias how it works. (This wasn’t a part of my walk … the photo was just sitting on my desk.)

F – Friday, is, I think a great day to end a year, especially the one we’ve had. Friday has all sorts of meanings but a change of pace is perhaps the most widely recognized in this country. Whatever Friday’s significance, for certain one is a change of pace. There is definitely a different rhythm to life and yep, I’m glad today is Friday, the end of the month of December and the end of this year, 2021!

Happy New Year. May 2022 be your/our best year ever! Stay safe and well!


9 thoughts on “tgif | 12.31.2021

  1. I love the photo of the tree against the blue sky. It’s been very dreary here in Wisconsin. The forecast is for up to 8 inches of snow before Sunday morning. Fortunately, we have no plans to leave here until the middle of the week, and hopefully, the roads will be clear by then. Thanks for the download for the 22 for 22. It’s something to think about.


  2. Your bitmoji is perfect — down to the yellow mask!

    I hope 2022 is much kinder to you than 2021 was. I’ve been keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that each day is a little easier for you. I hope that soon everyone in your family will be well and you can have a belated holiday celebration with them.


  3. The tree photo is really lovely and I hope you do get a chance to reproduce that painting this year. Wishing you happiness and good health in 2022!


  4. That’s an amazing display of colourful Christmas outdoor decor! At first thought it was knitted, till I read ‘inflatable’. Gosh, that must have taken some doing, to put it all together. I love how a little change to an established route or routine can bring us something fresh … Your lone tree and sky has its own beauty … Sending you warmest good wishes for 2022.


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