sometimes mondays | 4.8.19 …

…the air has that just washed, after a Spring rain smell – tho’ it hasn’t rained, just clouds. The grey clouds and white flowering trees make a pretty, soft palette. Tho’ I’ve been up a couple hours, I’m just now settling in to:

    journal, write …
    revisit last week …
    plot out this week …
    note that for a change, I’m the one with a medical appointment …
    overall, a week with just the right balance …

And that’s a good thing! Always welcomed!

Here’s hoping that your week also has just the right balance, too!


9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 4.8.19 …

  1. Thanks Honore! I hope our week will balance out .Today was the barn and we were spoiled as volunteers during natl volunteers week. All kinds of goodies . I did not trot any horses, with my foot healing, but it is still sore after today. Tomorrow we have a long ride for a doctors appointment for Fireman. TODAY our Cubbies are winning at their first home game. Today they look like good CUBBIES


  2. Balance sounds a great thing to be having, especially at the start of a week … Hoping that medical appointment goes well for you. We’ve had some soft sunshine and pale blue skies which has been wonderful :).


  3. it’s still raining here … I’m enjoying watching yellow rivers of pollen race down the street! Cheers to a well-balanced week for sure 🙂


  4. Sounds like your week is off to a good start. I had coffee with two friends this morning and took a walk in warm sunshine. Now balance, I will have to work on it.


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