sometimes mondays | 7.15. 19 …

Good morning!

sometimes mondays … are off to a slow, cooler and easy start …here’s hoping the day ends as well …

sometimes mondays … are sitting at the table, enjoying the sound of paper as my pen makes marks … and smelling the aroma of the lavender sandalwood candle …

sometimes mondays … are the promise for this, the 29th week of the year and 4th week of summer …

Soon this slow easy monday morning will be after noon so I guess I’d better sign off and publish! Here’s to a good week for us all!


6 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 7.15. 19 …

  1. Honoré, your start sounds so lovely – and it was such a lovely, yet brief, reprieve from the heat this morning. Here is to a lovely week for all of us, no matter what it brings!


  2. I LOVE this welcome to the week. Is #Simply a Moment no more? because you, for sure, have captured a good one!


  3. Thank you for a lovely start to the week. This post is a good reminder to me to take a deep breath and get the week off to a good thoughtful beginning.


  4. I like your journal paper (dots!!) and 7:15 on 7/15!!

    Yesterday turned out to be a very nice day weather-wise…today the humidity is building and I think it will be a scorcher. Stay cool and take it easy!


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