unraveled wednesday | 7.17.19 …



12 noon | 94° F … on the way to 96° F


  • totally trying to stay cool on this super hot July day… and so very grateful that I don’t have anyplace to be and the A/C is doing its j-o-b! Merci!


  • on my walk  – about 10:30 am (I didn’t get movin’ as early as I’d planned; it was still in the high 80s, tho) – I listened to Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast, Episode 230 .  Today, she and Elizabeth interviewed Lisa Brennan-Jobs (Steve Jobs’ daughter) about her memoir: Small Fry. I’m undecided if I will read; I’m intrigued mainly because the  reviews ,Gretchen and  Elizabeth extol the “writing.” Have you read? Thoughts?


  • progress on the Log Cabin blanket is s-l-o-w (I can’t even stay steady) but who needs wool (even tho’ 80% + 20% cotton, so it’s not hot in A/C) on a day like today ? I’ve introduced a third color – the pink. This project is a good traveling companion or for watching the evening news…
  • on the cutting station in my sewing studio, I have a fun quilting project …  just as soon as I hit publish on this post, that’s where I’m going next.
  • Enjoy your Wednesday and check out what Kat et al are unraveling, too!


8 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 7.17.19 …

  1. I’m envious of the bright blue sky, but not the heat! It’s been raining here most of the day–but the humidity is high enough that the air conditioner is necessary. I’ve had some success today editing photos from our trip, but my stamping attempts have been foiled several times! Eventually I hope to have a thank you card completed by the end of the afternoon. It was done, I was pleased, and then I smeared something on it! Yuck!


  2. Oh those blooms!! And they match the pink you’ve introduced to your log cabin blanket. Colin has asked me to knit a blanket for them to use as a throw when watching TV. I’ve picked a pattern – bulky yarn which will go quickly. But! How can I knit bulky yarn in these temps?? Stay cool Honore!


  3. I saw those crepe myrtles and wondered if you’d been on my street! Our neighborhood has several shades of pink, and even some white ones … Glad you’re staying cool. I’m enjoying the A/C, too!


  4. Those blue skies are something! We have the heat and rain today… so we can add in some awesome humidity! I spent the morning sewing – and it was a most pleasant way to spend my time!


  5. I’m glad you have added in the happy pink to your log cabin knitting, especially if you watch the evening news while knitting it. I’m also glad you have a fun quilting project in process in your hopefully air-conditioned studio. Happy quilting (and it makes me happy to see your quilting projects)!


  6. Funny you should mention “knitting to the news”. Once I fix the boo-boo I made this morning, my scrappy blanket will be my news knitting.


  7. Those flowers against a bright blue sky are as cheerful as the colors in your log cabin project. I am a bit stalled on sewing projects – two – because I need a new steam iron. I really don’t want to go out shopping in the heat so it may be Amazon to the rescue.


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