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I’ve not added any new TBRs … On the log cabin front: the green is about 12 rows from done and I’m deciding which shade of blue to use for that last square. In one of my weekly Döstädning bursts, I discovered a few needlepoint canvases from days long gone; this one was nearly done so I finished it Sunday during Friendstitching.  Just in time too ~ Christmas is 3 months away… Just sayin’…

I am now real ... well, almost.  This morning, I went to DMV to renew my driver’s license. After standing in line for an hour, then sitting for another hour (not to mention gathering documents and filling out forms before I even went), my number was called. 15 minutes later, all the information was collected/documented and I left with a temporary paper license, good for 45 days … the real one expected in 15 days. I hope so!

We’re having deliciously cool fall weather, ’cause as Dee sez: It’s Fall, Y’all! Lots of oak leaves on the ground but color changes seem slow – or is it just my impatience? Norman’s off on a walk and I’m headed to my sewing studio to stitch more wonky stars.

Joining Kat and friends for unraveled wednesday.  How’s your day shaping up?



6 thoughts on “unraveled wed | 9.25.19 …

  1. This Real ID thing may just drive me CRAZY. Apparently the certificate of birth I bought from the state to GET my PA driver’s license is NOT the one I need to actually GET a Real ID. Never mind that I HAD a REAL ID in Florida. PA says that is not the point! LOL (I’m thinking that someone at the DMV actually forgot to punch in the right code for my certificate of birth and it is still reading that I only provided a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, which is by no means the same thing according to the PennDOT who is the arbiter of these things.)

    I may just forego the whole thing. I don’t fly and I can’t imagine that I would ever need to get on a military base. As long as I can legally drive, I’m happy enough. LOL


  2. I like your angel – so pretty! My *real* ID/license arrived in under a week (PA). No issues with it. The Fall colors seem a little dull to me this year…but heading North to new England in 2 days – hoping to see lots of color up there!


  3. The blues will make a nice addition to your blanket. This real ID business is something else. I think I have the correct driver’s license but better check to make sure. Waiting in line at the DMV is never fun that’s for sure. I try to remember to take a small knitting project.


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