unraveled wednesday | 2.12.20…


~ nearly sunrise/ 6:55 am ~

6:55 am: I turned on my phone and discovered a txt message from friend K…we had a lot of fun with MeMojis – hers is too much like her! Looks, animations, just perfect. I have yet to create mine …. but I want one! Ahhh, just another item for my someday maybe list. I should live so long!

After that unexpected and much treasured treat, I prepared to microwave water for my morning cuppa tea and set my place for MSQT.  I picked up the phone again to search for today’s focus on Ali Edwards’ Pieces of Us photo – capture and got distracted by Google’s news clips, in particular two articles: 1- a review from Consumer Research on the “best microwave ovens and 2 – an article from nbcnews.com , “Are Audiobooks for You?”

The audiobooks’ article provides a brief history of the talking book, beginning with Edison’s  1877 phonograph record to today’s offerings… and a list of five books to start an audio book reading journey. Some books on the list I’ve read; one I might and one I’m pretty sure I won’t, ever.  A while back, I shared a goodreads  article that weighed in on the question: Is listening to an audiobook the same as reading the print version? What say ye?

Why microwave ovens? Long story short: March 2019 I bought a new oven (after much consternation) only to have it begin to freak out in the past week. Bottom line: the oven is not serviceable. Mais oui (but of course)! Some manufacturing flaw in newer-made versions of the original model I had (that had also lasted 14 years after multi use daily!) GE will honor the warranty and reimburse me after I jump a few hurdles: produce receipt (I have) and wait 6-8 weeks for a reimbursement check, minus depreciation. So, sometime in the next 72 hours we go get another new oven; we use the oven a lot!

In the stitching arena, I’ve made more progress on the Log Cabin/9 Patch lap quilt : One more block to make and one to finish – approximately 70 rows of garter stitch … and then on to the next phase, joining the blocks and knitting medium and small ones. I’d planned to finish my second Tree Quilt Block for Australia this afternoon – after a hair appointment and very.quick.trip to the grocery store for bananas – but those plans were waylaid by unexpected company.

It is now after 6 pm, later than planned and I’m finally finishing what I started early this morning: this blog post! Time to move on to the other items on my agenda, especially my scrapbook layout for today’s LOAD.

Joining Kat and friends for unraveled wednesday!


15 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 2.12.20…

  1. What a beautiful pink-tinted morning! I’m glad you get a new microwave (after the hurdles). I listen to a lot of audiobooks so I never have to make the choice between reading and knitting. For me, listening to an audiobook is the same thing as reading on my Kindle, a paperback, or hardcover. Reading is reading no matter how you do it!


  2. What a gorgeous morning sky. I consider audio books one form of reading. Audiobook listening/reading has improved my listening comprehension skills. I’m sure I enjoy them because I can enjoy some kind of stitching at the same time – quilting, embroidery, mostly knitting. We also take a couple of day long road trips a year and audiobooks carry us down the road. I do think listening is a different experience.


  3. You know I’m not a morning girl. Im thrilled to see your sunrise. Somedays do get away from us. But Honore, it seems like you usally accomplish quite a bit. Sunrise is 6:53 sunset 5:22 ………
    Seems like we really moved to a later sunset this month!! wow


  4. I remember when ebooks first came around and many people were up in arms about them not being “real” books. It’s all totally ridiculous, if you ask me! No one is out there telling toddlers that they aren’t reading books if a parent reads to them, so what’s the difference with audiobooks? I’m a fan of books in any format. I still prefer to read with my eyes because I can focus better, but I’ve definitely embraced the audiobook.


  5. Reading is reading . . . whether you’re reading with your eyes or listening with your ears. I love that audiobooks make the pleasure of reading accessible to those unable to see the words on the page. XO


  6. The sunrise here yesterday was spectacular, but I didn’t get a photo. We were on our way to the gym, and Tracy wasn’t interested in making a detour! Listening to a book definitely counts as reading as far as I’m concerned. One of my favorites is a combination of Kindle and Audible. I can read when I’m able, but can listen when I’m busy with a task that doesn’t distract me from the audio.


  7. Look at that morning sky!!! Gorgeous. Sorry about your microwave. seems to me that things in general are just not made to last these days…

    I’m not a fan of audio books, yet I really enjoy reading out loud with my husband after dinner – we take turns – he reads one night and I the next.


  8. Beautiful sunrise shot! I haven’t managed to keep up with LOAD at all – I’ve done 3 days out of 16 so far. But I figure that’s three layouts I wouldn’t have completed otherwise, so it’s something. I’ve taken most of the pics for Ali’s Pieces of Me. I need to go back and figure out what I’m missing! I love audio books. No, it is not the same as reading the paper version – the narrator’s capabilities play into what you see and hear. But it has allowed me to “read” a LOT more than I would in paper. Especially when on driving trips.


  9. I can’t remember where I stumbled across Ali’s Pieces of You … glad I did because I really enjoyed seeing all the different images. So sorry about your microwave. We would be totally lost without ours (although we do have an electric kettle to boil water … there would still be tea!) The discussion here in the comments around audiobooks is interesting. The experience is different AND of course it’s still “reading” 🙂


  10. Such a wonderful photo you have taken there … glorious morning colours … I always enjoy hearing about your mornings and a conversation with a good friend sounds like a great way to begin. They want to calculate depreciation since last March? What a nerve … it’s practically still new! Glad they’re coughing up as replacement for you, though. I think being read to still counts :), and it can be a real pleasure. My children, now adult, have very fond memories of listening to story tapes in the car. If you ever get to listen to The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, read by the inimitable Maureen Lipman, you are in for a real treat.


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