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     Tell me, what is it you plan to make of your one wild and precious life    ~Mary Oliver

     Having an unlimited schedule with a “to do” list pretty much restricted to what one can do within the confines of home definitely plays havoc with my intentions: I am finding that my MSQT habit is lasting longer and longer, especially on days that begin with inclement weather. And then, before I know it, the day is well on its way to being over.

In this month of March, in conjunction with the daily practice of participating in 30 Days of Lists, I focused on developing the habit of writing a daily review and gratitude/s in a Traveler’s Notebook. I enjoyed the process, the simplified way to document these unprecedented times and the opportunity to express/share those little things – often taken for granted  – that make life wild and precious. I plan to continue this practice, experimenting a bit with other creative ways to capture the days of our lives.

How has your word shown up in your life in March? Please share your link below and if there are problems, add the link to your post in this blog’s comments. The linkup expires April 7.

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16 thoughts on “one little word | 3.20 …

  1. Your spread is lovely! I love the “Alexa, Mop the Floor.” This is such a great time to be keeping such a book, given how unprecedented all of this social distancing is. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into your notebook!

    It looks like the Link Party isn’t quite open yet, so I’ll leave my link here and then come back in a few hours to “officially” leave my link!

    Thanks for hosting!


  2. I have left my poor word by the wayside – focus. I have none (or very little) but you’ve inspired me to at least try and focus a little more on focus each day. Thank you!


  3. That notebook is so pretty! and what a great habit 🙂 Thank you for hosting us – my post will be up … soon!


  4. My post will up in a day or two. My intentions for the month are certainly much different than I intended. Love your gratitude journal! That’s a plan for April!


  5. I love seeing your journal pages with your handwriting. I confess the “one little word” post went right past me. Somehow one day blends into another. I have been thinking about the word I chose, “tender” but haven’t taken time to compose my thoughts.


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