yesterday was a five+ star day: our Sunday Friendstitching group met for the first time since January 2020. we -all fully vaccinated – gathered in a spacious, well ventilated screened-in porch with a beautiful view of trees, accompanied by the incessant, unmistakable drone of cicadas …but we didn’t mind ’cause our chatter drowned them (the cicadas ) out! t’was a glorious day, one indelibly written on our minds and hearts.

we were all doing some sort of handwork: Theresa – knitting; Pat – applique; Barbi and Michelle – crossstitch; Margaret – needlepoint; and I – practiced drawing ( I was attending a Zoom session featuring Samantha Dion Baker, artist and author of Draw Your Day and soon to be released – 22 June – Draw Your World ).

I cannot put into words how incredibly grateful each of us was for this day; life hasn’t been easy for any of us, in addition to the pandemic. we each appreciate the blessings of our friendship and that we had this opportunity to reunite. I suspect we all slept very well … I know I did. I have this quote next to my Mac: each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most. ~ Buddah

13 thoughts on “reunion…

  1. The stitching and watercolor you featured in this post are lovely, and even lovelier is that your Friendstitching group was finally able to meet in person! That Buddha quote is getting posted by my kitchen sink!


  2. sn’t it amazing how LOUD those cicadas are? We don’t have them at my house, but a few towns north of us, THEY sure do. It even drowns out the car radio. I don’t know how those folks get ANY sleep at night.

    I am so glad you got to get together. Crafting alone is fine, but crafting with others is perfection.


  3. Friends are such a blessing to us, and what a joy to be together again! Love the vibrant colors of the crossstitch and your lovely sketches remind me (once again) that I’ve put the sketchbook on the back burner.


  4. Your watercolor is lovely – what a sweet drawing! And that needlepoint is breathtaking. That seems like such a fun group. I’m so happy you were all able to safely gather again, Honoré. Here’s to many more!


  5. what a wonderful day! Isn’t it weird how we took for granted those moments that happened regularly, now they are just so precious! I don’t know about you but when I socialize I am EXHAUSTED because I haven’t done it in so long.


  6. The water color is lovely but your gathering with friends is the best. More than ever, we will all treasure these times together. I am so happy for you and your friends.


  7. How wonderful! You sound deeply nourished and content :). Lovely to see your watercolours, and so pleased to hear you’ve taken up your brushes again. The needlework is very vibrant against that dark background.


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