three for one| feb 2021 …

1 – one little word | feb 2021: color

Pops of color greet me in almost every direction I turn; I’m sure this is because my RAS (reticular activating system) is ON during my waking hours, functioning on all four burners. It seems every every drawer I open or pile/stack I look into is filled with color… every color of the rainbow.

I am buoyed by these discoveries and also amazed…colors of the rainbow have always been magnets and the color yellow – my favorite. The walls on the first floor in my house are yellow; I recall in the places I’ve lived throughout my life I’ve always had at least one room – the kitchen or my bedroom – painted yellow.

I have found in these first two months of 2021 that I’m eager to explore and learn more about color/s … and to see, on a daily basis, how I will express their presence in words, photos, the clothing I wear, the art I make and/or see in both the natural (earth, sky, weather, flora, etc) and man-made worlds.

Connecting with Carolyn of YourOneWord . Do visit and join others who are sharing their 2021 words.

2 – unraveled wednesday | 2.25.21 …

I’m convinced that a well-known search engine tracks one’s searches and thus populates its home page with articles/sites of potential interest. Sometimes it works! A couple weeks ago, I was introduced to a book The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color – amazed that it wasn’t in my personal library…so of course I bought the book, subscribed to the author’s blog and plan to participate in a virtual quilt along, starting Monday 1 March …and yes it is a adventure with color. Jane introduced me to The Blue Hour, a lovely book for children and adults. I’m eager to share with my great grand nephews…one of these days. Currently, I’m savoring…

Visit Kat and others for more sharing of their making and reading…

3 – LOAD 221 | 2.25.21 …

Quilting and memory keeping (aka scrapbooking) are two areas of art-making on my 2021 agenda. During the month of February, I join a daily challenge to create a layout a day – LOAD. Though there is a theme and daily prompt, participants don’t have to follow suit – and many of us don’t. We must however post a layout by midnight PST… The layout of Hazel – my niece’s pup- I share ’cause it’s fun and cheerful. Ah, the love of a pup!

Today, I am sharing this post on Carole’s weekly Three on Thursday link up.

Thanks for joining and Have a Great Week!


11 thoughts on “three for one| feb 2021 …

  1. That quilter’s book of color looks very interesting! (I bet it would translate to a variety of things!) I am always happy to get a notification that you have posted! XO


  2. I’m with Kat – I’m always happy to have your posts show up in my reader! I love how you’ve combined this week’s post into one big one 🙂

    I’m so interested in following along in your Color journey – it’s such unique word to learn from!


  3. It has always been clear to me how much color plays a role in your life. Have you heard of the book The Secret Lives of Color? I’ve been hearing a lot about it recently.


  4. What a fun way to spread the linky love! That book looks like it was designed for you–guess that search engine ‘optimization’ was working well that day 🙂 Enjoy the Quilt-a-long!


  5. That quilting book on colour was just made for you! How wonderful that you and it connected and you now have a copy … Delighted to see you are scrapbooking: such a great photo you have there, and your papers and colour choices are perfect.


  6. This colorful post brightened my evening. It is interesting to think about the way color plays out in our lives. And you are very clever to find a way to link to to three other blogs/ideas. I hope March treats you well.


  7. oh my goodness – so much fun stuff going on here! I am in awe of your creative energy … and look forward to seeing where it takes you. also, the colors … I just got a new set of pens for spring – brights. and I am having a ball choosing green, or red, or blue to pen the day’s calendar and journal entries. yesterday I wrote in blue and today in green. tomorrow is pink 🙂


  8. The blue hour looks beautiful. Even though I am on a book buying moratorium Ha! I am ordering it. The confetti quilt looks fun too. You are an inspiration 🥰🌼


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