sometimes mondays | 10.7.19 …



this is week # 41 of 2019…and if you are like me, you are wondering where did the time go? During this year, for ten weeks of each season, I’ve begun and ended the work week, Mon -Fri, with two online journaling practice activities: Mindful Monday and Journal Club. Created and facilitated by Jamie Ridler  (more here), I find both to be great grounding activities as well as being fun and insightful. This morning I couldn’t find my earbuds (stuck in my shirt pocket from yesterday’s walk, natch), so I was a tad discombobulated … but my frazzled nerves were calmed by our opening  meditation session.

after Mindful Monday, I drove to my weekly quilting group meeting. on the way, I stopped at Starbucks for a cuppa decaf with pumpkin spice… they had no decaf coffee and it was going to take at least 5 min to brew. I think I was a tad chagrinned… after the meeting, I decided to treat myself to lunch at Nordstrom since I’d not been all summer. My meal: shrimp arugula salad and tomato bisque soup was delish and filling… in fact, half  of the salad came home with me. by the end of the meal, my nerves were no longer frazzled so I decided to walk around a bit – as I was also looking for a birthday present. I didn’t find a present but I did discover a new store, pictured above! quite dramatic.

and that’s the way it was this monday. oh, and by the way, I did finally have a decaf coffee with pumpkin spice at Nordstrom; coffee was brewed…



sometimes mondays | 3.4.19…

…are off …to a much slower start… than usual…. slept later… not up til 6am… puttered. wasted time… slow down…BREATHE… catch my breath… inhale… exhale… s-l-o-w-l-y. again… cloudy now – sun’s breaking through… tea mug is warm in my hand…tea, tasty in my mouth… blend of ginger peach and peach…yum… running through my mind ~ today’s agenda, this week’s, this month’s … this moment’s…BREATHE…

(Thanks to Michelle GD for today’s take on Sometimes Mondays…)

sometimes mondays |11.26. 18 …


…are nearly over before I know it!  This has been a full and rewarding day:

  • beginning with the last of 8 weekly planning sessions, Mindful Mondays, facilitated by Journal Club coach, Jamie Ridler;
  • lunching with a dear friend to celebrate our November birthdays – hers is two days before mine. We don’t see one another often enough. We chatted about quilting and little ones – grands: her four and my two great grand nephews, all under 5 years;
  • ending with stops at the credit union and IKEA for their Raskog cart – my fifth! Raskog unfamiliar to you? Just do a google search and you’ll be amazed at all the uses and hacks…be careful to not fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole

It is time to slow down and close shop…have a pleasant evening.