unraveled wednesday | 1.23.19 …



Upon learning the sad news of Mary Oliver’s death last Friday, I pulled out her Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver. *  The poems in this 2017 publication, include work from her very first book of poetry, No Voyage and Other Poems, published in 1963, through Felicity, published in 2015. Mary arranged the poems in  Devotions. The first poem I turned to – on page 14 – was this:

 The Gift 

Be still my soul, and steadfast. Earth and heaven both are still watching though time is draining from the clock and your walk, that was confident and quick, has become slow.

So, be slow if you must, but let the heart still play its true part. Love still as once you loved, deeply and without patience. Let God and the world know you are grateful. That the gift has been given.”

Over the past few days I’ve read many tributes to Mary Oliver’s words of peace, quiet, gratitude, encouragement. I am saddened but heartened that we have the gift of  her words to console, guide and inspire us. Thank you Mary.

My reading queue continues to grow – tho’ I must admit that  over the past week, I’ve added more titles than words actually read.  Currently new “to read” includes Tara Westover’s Educated (via Audible) and Wabi Sabi by Beth Klimpton (print ). The back cover says wabi sabi teaches us to find more meaning and inspiration in our perfectly imperfect lives.

Knitting on the stocking, tho’ slow, continues; each stitch brings me closer to a fini! Also, over the past several days, I’ve been true to finding myself in my sewing room circa  9 am, honoring my commitment to stitch on a quilt I’m making for  ???  (name to be revealed at a later date).

Joining Kat and friends for this week’s edition of Unraveled Wednesday! Hop on over to see what others are making and reading.


* Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver. Penquin Press, New York. 2017.

weekending | 1.22.19 …


… the long awaited MLK and Women’s March on Washington weekend began for me Thurs 17th. The day started with joining my Thursday stitching friends, a quick run to Target and a  quick stop at Barnes & Noble. Yes, I bought a book; perhaps two…tho’ I can only recall the title of one as I type this post…

My friend Linda’ was coming from Portland OR; her flight, scheduled to arrive about 6 PM, was delayed in Denver. A quick check showed her flight’s ETA: unknown. Since I was so close to the airport, I called friend Pat  (she lives about 10 miles from the airport) to see  if I might stop by to while away the time. But of course she answered. About 40 min after I arrived, I checked to see if Linda’s flight status had been updated. On Time arrival! What???! Apparently the flight met up with a tail wind and therefore not only made up time but also arrived ahead of schedule! When I arrived at baggage claim, there was Linda!


Friday, we lounged, er uh, enjoyed an extended Morning Solitude and Quiet Time. She was getting adjusted to the time change, the all-day before travel. I, well, I never turn down a chance to extend MSQT. Eventually, we got dressed and made a Whole Foods quick run, stopping on the way home at an Ethiopian restaurant for takeout dinner. Linda’s a big fan of Ethiopian cuisine (and  actually prepares it  tho’ she’s not Ethiopian). I hadn’t had Ethiopian cuisine in easily 15 years, so for me, the meal was truly a taste it again for the first time experience…and a yummy one, I might add!


Saturday dawned early enough – a bit on the cool and dreary side – rain expected but we were ready with rain ponchos and boots, just in case. The March route was changed by the Park Service – we were not allowed to march on the Mall nor by the White House. There were many law enforcement personnel – both federal and city – and barricades: police cars; tanks; trucks; dogs; police on horses, etc.  We marched and chanted and they watched, minding not when marchers stopped to take a photo with mounted law enforcement officers in the frame. At least 100,000 marchers was the official estimate. On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store for pizza fixins… and champagne and Talenti gelato.

Sunday was pamper our feet day (I’d made mani/pedi appointments for us at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon); that took about 4 hours for us both. After, we went to Panera for soup and a sandwich and then to visit Dolly, Chris and Elias. Home, we joined Norman in watching the Super Bowl playoffs,  finished Fri/Sat leftovers and we knitted.

Monday, thus far  the coldest day of the year (would you believe 3 – 13 degrees?) dawned too soon. Linda had an early afternoon flight home to the west coast.  Unfortunately, her layover flight was delayed for 4 hours plus and she didn’t get home til 1 AM-ish PST!

Home, I watched TCM’s showing of A Patch of Blue with Sidney Poitier and then started making a quilt. I sewed until Nightly News came on. We watched more TV and called it a night about 11 pm.


Slowly today I am resuming normal life… doing laundry and a few other household chores… making a few more quilt blocks … savoring weekend memories … missing my friend.


simply a moment | 1.15.19 …


1:15 pm

I realized today that I somehow skipped last month’s  S*A*M – my shorthand for simply a moment, a few moments on the 15th of every month when I pause and pay attention to sensory input: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Today, my concentration and solitude were rudely interrupted by a series of three spam calls on our new house phone. The previous one, having been in the house for nearly, if not, 9 years gave up the ghost. I thought I could simply replace batteries and was advised a new phone was cheaper than new batteries…



The ringing phone shattered the peace and quiet I was enjoying as I rotary cut 96 rectangles( of two sizes ) for a new quilt I’m making.


(quilt pieces I cut yesterday; today, I’m cutting the white fabric)

As I type, I hear Norman rattlin’ ‘roun in the kitchen, making his lunch,  against the background of the television.  Today, there’s more traffic on the streets – roads are cleared and snow-melting is helped by warmer temps; currently, as I type this post, it ‘s 37 degrees…I wonder if it’s safe enough  for a quick walk outside? Maybe I’ll give it a try in a couple more hours.

Time to resume cutting rectangles. But first, I think a cuppa peach tea would hit the spot right about now… What moments stand out in your today?


Simply a Moment is a monthly post on my blog that I’ve done for several years on the 15th of the month.


collecting december 2018 …


It seemed to me that we had an inordinate amount of rain-filled days in December, which may explain why 1/3rd of the photos are nature and sky themed…rain, rain but no snow! Despite, there was lots of holiday decorating and merry making spread throughout, including Christmas Day. This year, my sister’s oldest grandson joined us (#26). The photo before –  #25, tho’ not so clear –  is a group pic of my nieces and nephews…I guess I was taking the picture and not sure what happened to my sister… Throughout, there are a few quilts  – two made by fiends in my quilting group; I close out the month with two photos of the hanging of the Flower Garden.

2018 is a wrap and 2019 is off to a good and modest start!


sometimes mondays | 12.31.18…



are gloomy … yet this Morning Solitude and Quiet Time (MSQT), and days to come, is brightened by a Flower Garden quilt hanging in the Great Room! Yesterday, friends Ed and Margaret hung the quilt. Today, t’is a delight to sit, sip (tea) and enjoy the colorful blooms of the quilt I made and completed (after 4 years!) January 2017!

We are looking forward to watching the ball drop at midnight in NYC and toasting the New Year! Big things are on the horizon!

Wishing all the very best in 2019! Back again Wednesday 2 January 2019.



sometimes mondays …



are bare, stately trees against a bright blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds on a 53° F sunny December day, bright red berries and



fabric giraffes, made by a member of my quilt group. I think the giraffes are delightful and plan to make one each for Chris and Elias. Too cute! Too much to hope completed in time for Christmas?  Perhaps a 12 Days of Christmas gift…

Time to get ready for a big band jazz concert at U of Maryland…a fitting end to a busy and delightful day! What brightened your day?



ready to unravel and stitch a bit…


This morning I woke up at at 5:45 am and took myself to my sewing studio; it had become a dumping ground  for QUiPS – quilt projects in progress…or not!  Two hours + minutes later, I finished sorting through all the projects  – in various stages of undone – that had accumulated. Some were on the design wall; others, on my cutting table and in a wicker basket. Last Monday I purchased (more) fabric for two quilts: one for Kayla -she graduates from high school in May and one for a project that, sadly, has been on my to do list four years! Way too long.

I  compiled a list of ten QUiPS: some are almost done…others, yet to be started or require a different approach. I also have a list of knitting projects in various stages – but that’s a story for another day!

In thinking about the best approach for tackling my list, several options come to mind; I could:

  1. Designate a day of the week for each project-the children’s nursery rhyme comes to mind: Monday is washing day, Tuesday is ironing day, etc: Monday is QUiP #1, Tuesday, QUiP # 3, etc or
  2. Schedule a couple hours each/most days and stitch a bit on this, that or
  3. Pull slips of paper with the QUiP written on it from a basket ;-)).

I may just implement all three options. However I choose to proceed, I know my four year QUiP is numero uno…and now that I have found the fabric, I can pull it together. I am ready.

In the meantime, it’s time today to proceed with tomorrow’s preparations. And time’s a wastin…

Joining Kat and others here for Unraveled Wednesday.


sometimes mondays …



… are  for getting ready to go to quilt meeting and errand running… I’m looking forward to the meeting  – it’s been a while since I last attended – and grateful for the chance to reconnect with quilting friends and cross a few things off my list!

What’s on your Monday agenda?