sometimes mondays | 12.31.18…



are gloomy … yet this Morning Solitude and Quiet Time (MSQT), and days to come, is brightened by a Flower Garden quilt hanging in the Great Room! Yesterday, friends Ed and Margaret hung the quilt. Today, t’is a delight to sit, sip (tea) and enjoy the colorful blooms of the quilt I made and completed (after 4 years!) January 2017!

We are looking forward to watching the ball drop at midnight in NYC and toasting the New Year! Big things are on the horizon!

Wishing all the very best in 2019! Back again Wednesday 2 January 2019.



sometimes mondays …



are bare, stately trees against a bright blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds on a 53° F sunny December day, bright red berries and



fabric giraffes, made by a member of my quilt group. I think the giraffes are delightful and plan to make one each for Chris and Elias. Too cute! Too much to hope completed in time for Christmas?  Perhaps a 12 Days of Christmas gift…

Time to get ready for a big band jazz concert at U of Maryland…a fitting end to a busy and delightful day! What brightened your day?



ready to unravel and stitch a bit…


This morning I woke up at at 5:45 am and took myself to my sewing studio; it had become a dumping ground  for QUiPS – quilt projects in progress…or not!  Two hours + minutes later, I finished sorting through all the projects  – in various stages of undone – that had accumulated. Some were on the design wall; others, on my cutting table and in a wicker basket. Last Monday I purchased (more) fabric for two quilts: one for Kayla -she graduates from high school in May and one for a project that, sadly, has been on my to do list four years! Way too long.

I  compiled a list of ten QUiPS: some are almost done…others, yet to be started or require a different approach. I also have a list of knitting projects in various stages – but that’s a story for another day!

In thinking about the best approach for tackling my list, several options come to mind; I could:

  1. Designate a day of the week for each project-the children’s nursery rhyme comes to mind: Monday is washing day, Tuesday is ironing day, etc: Monday is QUiP #1, Tuesday, QUiP # 3, etc or
  2. Schedule a couple hours each/most days and stitch a bit on this, that or
  3. Pull slips of paper with the QUiP written on it from a basket ;-)).

I may just implement all three options. However I choose to proceed, I know my four year QUiP is numero uno…and now that I have found the fabric, I can pull it together. I am ready.

In the meantime, it’s time today to proceed with tomorrow’s preparations. And time’s a wastin…

Joining Kat and others here for Unraveled Wednesday.


sometimes mondays …



… are  for getting ready to go to quilt meeting and errand running… I’m looking forward to the meeting  – it’s been a while since I last attended – and grateful for the chance to reconnect with quilting friends and cross a few things off my list!

What’s on your Monday agenda?