weekending and today


The weekend started with a quiet bang. Saturday was lovely ~ an invitation to walk to Zeke’s, sit outside and enjoy a new-to-me latté  (made with lavender spice and honey). After one sip, a gust of wind, caused my drink to spill the minute I sat it down! The barrista was kind enough to make me another and I switched to a caramel latté  – I found the first drink a tad too sweet.


Easter Sunday we joined friends for a delightful, delicious potluck dinner. The evening sunset was spectacular. I am so delighted that today’s smart phone technology makes taking such dramatic  photos as easy as can be!


Today beckoned me outside once again:  Come. Take a long leisurely walk to the park. I enjoyed not only the weather and sight of the sky, folk reading, kids playing, flowers, azaleas and trees blooming, and also the sidewalk art, always a delight to see.


Lovely memories of a lovely weekend. Ah! Spring!

tgif | 4.19.19…

thinking: I love that every month in this year has a ” x. 19.19″ date…don’t ask me why, it’s just one of many small quirky things that make me smile…or is it the product of an idle mind?

gardening: Jason, the young man who tends the yard, was here yesterday… everything looks a sight better for sure. Chris (my niece) wants to garden. Since she lives in an apartment building, she asked if she could use my back yard as her learning field and also let her pup Hazel, romp. I didn’t hesitate to say YES!

inspiring : I so enjoyed Kym’s sharing of Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese; as I watched the video this morning, I recalled I’d captured a photo yesterday of a lone goose, leisurely ambling on a lawn, eating… (the photo was not taken in my yard )

fun: a bit of Haiku for you, written just this morning as I was fixing tea:

I look out and see

three birds flit by the window

“catch me if you can!

Have a wonderful weekend!


collecting march 2019…


March was filled still with lotsa cold temps…not much outside time and when those days did arrive, I  – along with the rest of the world – certainly made it my mission to get outside. Every budding flower or tree was just one more affirmation that Spring, indeed, was going to arrive. Oh, we of little faith

I kicked off the month with an email from the host of Sunday Baroque: I’d written because I wanted to listen to the program as it was being broadcast and I wasn’t having any luck finding the right channel!  Listening has been wondrous every Sunday since. To that end, on Sat, 30 March, I attended the 5 hours’ long live presentation of Wagner’s Die Walküre, boradcast in High Definition and shown in local movie theaters – in over 70 countries. T’was magic!

Quilting was the main focus of the month as we get ready for the soon-to-be-here quilt show, May 3-5. Photos 4, 11, & 18 show works by others; #12 is asnapshot of my sewing studio…


Loved the #blueskyblooms: photos15, 17, 19 & 24 … especially 15. If you look closely between the pink blossoms, you will see there’s actually a person sitting on the bench, pen and journal in hand…and no, it “ain’t me!”

The merry-go-round – # 22 – is a just.because.  #27, my friend Kathy. Our newest family member, Hazel the labradoodle – niece Chris’s pup: #s 8, 9 & 29. Chris informed me that Hazel has her own Instagram account.  She, Hazel, that is, has been approached  for modeling gigs ~ she’s very photogenic, according to Chris!

Looking forward to all that April will unfold. Have a great weekend!


sometimes mondays | 4.1.19…

7:45 am

I sit here,

smelling the gift of daffodils from Michelle’s yard

holding a hot mug of tea in my hands …

looking out at the view I see most mornings, if not all when I’m home…

thinking as I look, “Spring! has indeed arrived “…

hearing the steady tick, tick, tick of the clock …

recalling the time spent yesterday FriendStitching, the good food and camaraderie …

holding tight in my heart the gift of our friendship…

smelling the gift of daffodils …

unraveled wednesday|3.20.19…

Spring! Seems as tho’ it took forever in coming … and now it’s here! (Even if officially it doesn’t arrive until 5:58 pm EST.) The past few days on my walks, buoyed by warmer Spring-like temperatures, I’ve witnessed buds on the trees and even the Tulip tree at the end of the block is blossoming. Yesterday, I saw my first hint of forsythia, finally. Tonight I hope the clouds won’t obscure my chance to see the last full Supermoon of 2019.

Over the weekend, on my walks, I started and finished, Dani Shapiro’s Inheritance (the audio version). What would you do, think; how would you feel if you found out, via a DNA test, that your father was not your biological father? That you were conceived via a sperm donor program? And that when you do learn these facts, you can’t ask your parents because both are deceased? This is Dani’s story. Gripping! Provocative!

Dani, an accomplished writer and memoirist and writing instructor, narrates the audio version – which makes her story even more poignant. I encourage you to listen and/or read …and visit her website, after you’ve started the book. Doing so will make her story even more dynamic…

I suspect – actually I know – that listening to Inheritance reignited my idea:

  • write/tell my story – tho’ nowhere near as dramatic as Dani’s;
  • however/whatever form that takes.

So, Monday afternoon, I went to B&N for more books on, you guessed, writing. For months I’ve been promising myself to read Stephen King’s On Writing…always on any list. Quiet as it’s kept, I’ve not read one of his books – not a genre I read. Be that as it may, On Writing is always on anyone’s list, so now, it’s in my personal library.

Switching gears, the days til the quilt show – May 3-5 – continue to countdown and I’ve finished – or nearly – 3 of the 4 quilts for the exhibit. Next up: the binding on the big quilt and a few other odds/ends…Lovin’ that I’m on schedule if not ahead!

And so, it’s time for me to get a move on with the day. Joinin’ Kat and friends here.

What are you  reading and/or unraveling?


a taste of Spring …

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Today was our first real taste of Spring…just six days away! Temp in the low 70s and the sun shone. Our Thursday stitching group met, starting off our gathering with a Groaning Board, indeed! Of course, in between bites, we solved all the world’s problems – we wish! Nevertheless, we ate well and enjoyed each other’s company. Toby, the cat, took it all in and decided, now’s the perfect time to nap!